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photo by Savan Photography

photo by Savan Photography


We are a husband and wife team who have been together since high school. Growing up in Seattle, WA, we love the outdoors, the tall trees, and the grey skies. But graduate school called us down to sunny San Diego, where we currently have nested with our two funny cats, Cosmo and Lorne.

Meet Jackie

Jackie is sweet and fiercely ambitious. She follows the mantra her dad always taught her: "Pay attention to detail", which has helped her in all aspects of life, academics, and photography. She just earned her PhD in Biomedical Sciences, but over the years has found a true passion for capturing the love of other couples. When she sees beautiful light in a natural environment, she doesn't just want to capture the scene, she wants it to be the awe-inspiring backdrop of a love story. 

Meet Matt

Matt is patient and kind, with a love for teaching and helping others. He earned his Masters in Chemistry, and has since taken to the classroom where he exudes an energy and eagerness to shape young minds. Matt is easygoing and a true Renaissance man. Matt enjoys the technical aspects of photography, from the equipment to the optics. He loves capturing candid moments, picturesque landscapes, and all the little details.


Together, we are natural light photographers that aim to make our couples feel confident and at ease in front of our cameras. And we find so much joy creating artful images that tell the story of each unique wedding day. We are lovers of light, romance, playful frolicking, and a touch of whimsy. And we have a passion for timeless images that will continue to tell love stories for years to come.


When we're not at our desk, our bench, behind our computers or our cameras, you can find us exploring the outdoors, cuddling with our cats, trying a new restaurant or recipe, and generally enjoying the company of each other and our wonderful friends and family.


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our gear

For those interested in what we're shooting with, we mix film and digital medias. On a wedding day, we have quite a range of lenses but primarily we shoot medium format film camera Contax 645 + 80mm, Pentax 645N + 75mm FA, and 35mm film camera Nikon F100 + Sigma Art 50mm f1.4. On digital we shoot full frame DSLRs Nikon D750 + Nikkor 58 and 85mm f1.4. We love the pastel colors of Fuji film and match our digital photos to our film scans using Mastin Labs film emulation software.

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Special thanks to Emma Lynn Cinema, Beauty by Stacey, Layered Vintage, Nicole and Bryan Carriker, and Katherine and Chris Oyer!