On my obsession with lavender... [March 03, 2014]

For all those out there craving a little bit of spring, here's some lavender eye candy for you. 

My obsession with lavender is not new. I have a giant bag of edible dried lavender that Matt and I cook with. Yes, Matt did make lavender chocolate chip cookies last night, and yes, I did drink a lavender lemonade at dinner.

Needless to say, when I moved to a new apartment that has many south facing windows and loads of sunshine, I immediately snatched up a Trader Joe's potted lavender to grace my kitchen windowsill. It will soon join its fellow plants on our porch in a much bigger pot, where I hope it will flourish in the sun.

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 photo _DSC8606_blogstomp_zps7592ce1a.jpg
 photo _DSC8599_blogstomp_zps0a3d865c.jpg
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