Bernadette and Dustin Announce Their San Diego Elopement

Bernadette and Dustin initially contacted us because they were planning a wedding in May of next year. Both are in the Marines and in order for Bernadette and Dustin to live together they were legally married in June. Initially they weren't planning on telling anyone, but decided it would just be easier to announce their elopement so they could talk more openly about their plans. So instead of planning a large wedding they decided to use their photos to announce their marriage and hold a small reception next year. We were so thrilled to be able to capture their love so they can share their story with their friends and family! It was a truly beautiful evening in La Jolla and we are so happy for them!

 photo LaJollaElopement_001_ww_zps6e696679.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_007_ww_zpse3267b5b.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_008_ww_zpseeabb776.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_014_ww_zps1b66e878.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_017_ww_zps81134a22.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_018_ww_zpsc20e638c.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_019_ww_zps9253dcd5.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_023_ww_zpsdad71772.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_025_ww_zps1a155785.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_027_ww_zps53f168c1.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_029_ww_zpsdaac53e2.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_032_ww_zps83dfa1ee.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_043_ww_zpsbb86b5cd.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_049_ww_zps1394560f.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_050_ww_zps7021fde3.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_059_ww_zps9e04e77a.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_054_ww_zpsaee5fefc.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_062_ww_zpsca2e1c9a.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_065_ww_zps20b0862e.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_068_ww_zps3b745496.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_073_ww_zpsb6ed7855.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_061_ww_zpsf9d851ce.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_076_ww_zps533a38b6.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_084_ww_zps5b762c4f.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_081_ww_zpsb053a23c.jpg
 photo LaJollaElopement_083_ww_zps85fb38cb.jpg